What is the best trike?

Avoid these mistakes and go for these best practices!
What is the best trike

Everybody wants the most efficient, comfortable trike that can easily go offroad, is light weight and inexpensive. Well, focus on what you really want! 

What are the best frames? 

Focus on highest quality frames. 

What are the best wheels for trikes?

Three things to consider: 

  • Do you want always the same wheels? That means if you have one extra tube, that’s enough for replacement. If you have different wheel types, you need more extra tubes. 
  • Which valve does your trike use? In my opinion, the car valve (Schrader) is the best for tours, as in all countries globally you will find options to add pressure. But: the french valve (Presta) allows for overall higher pressure. If you want purely the highest speed, then go for the Presta. 
  • The top speed and rear wheel in a tadpole. In terms of top speed, you want to go for a 26 inch wheel. The 20 inch will allow you to go 18 easily, also 25 but not much better. 

What are the best cassettes for trikes? 

  • If you want a pure pedal-powered trike without motor, then go for a Pinion, if money doesn’t matter. You will have a clean system without much work and you can add a hub motor. 
  • If you prefer a mid drive – and these are usually more efficient – then go for a Rohloff hub. 
  • The final alternative is a normal Shimano cassette. This will allow you to have a more traditional setup. But there are several weaknesses. Especially for 20 inch wheels, you will have a chain close to the ground if you use a cassette. Other things that are not very useful are dual drives. 

What wheels should you use? 

Well, probably you will be more on a road than offroad. In fact, there are beautiful videos for offroad trikes, but they are usually much worse compared to bicycles. 

Which seat is the best? 

For pure speed on short distances, go for a hard cover. Yet for longer distances the seat is most important. There is a simple saying: The healthiest position is the next position. If you can, sit down for 30 minutes and then work on a standing desk before sitting on a ball. When you have to sit in the same position for longer, make sure the seat is perfectly suitable for you. So far, trike companies have some deficits in this regard. Car seats and office chairs are more adjustable than what current trike seats are like. ICE has created a very comfortable seat that is so far one of the best in the industry.

Which motor to go for in a trike?

Trikes use about 20-30% more energy than similar bicycles. So far, motors are still made for bicycles and in large quantity. Bosch CX is one of the most efficient 250 Watt motors as well as Shimano 8. Again, you might consider adding an extra battery or at least go for the largest battery. What is not necessary in my view is automatic switching and cabling of two batteries. Just keep one in storage that you can switch in a necessary break after hours of riding. 

What about brakes? 

Tadpole trikes usually have and should have two separate disk breaks for the front wheels. Other trikes use breaks for the back wheels. Disk breaks are the way to go and are absolutely necessary for trikes that are heavier and much faster downhill in comparison to ups.