Tadpole vs. Delta Trike

Tadpole vs. Delta

Which type is better and for which group? In this article, I will quickly compare tadpole and delta trikes.

Tadpole trikes

Tadpole trikes have to wheels in front and one in the back. The wheels in front are often 20 inch wheels while the one in the back could be either a 20 inch or in some cases a 26 inch wheel. 

Tadpoles often have a lower overall profile and more weight on the powered back wheel which means it can have better grip and propulsion forward. 

Delta trikes

Have one wheel in front and two in the back. The front wheel is often rather small and the wheels in the back might be larger than 20 inch. The seat is often higher and some would say more comfortable and it is easy to get on and off a delta trike. 

Which one is better?

Best trike type for speed

The best trike type for speed is probably a tadpole. Yet there are huge differences among tadpoles that are more important than the difference of delta vs. tadpole. As a rule of thumb: the more aerodynamic and the lower the seat, the faster it can get. Plus: a 26 inch wheel makes all the difference when it comes to rides above 30 km/h.

Best trike type for offroad

Both delta and tadpole have often their weaknesses offroad, but there are more tadpole offroad bikes with all around powerful tires. 

Best trike type for comfort 

This depends a lot on the seating option. As a rule of thumb: seating in a delta trike is often more comfortable. Plus, it is more accessible! 

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