Famous Trike Brands

a short overview of trike cycle brands
Trike Manufacturers

In no particular order. Check out there information and find what could work for you: 

  1. HP Velotechnik

This Frankfurt, Germany based brand is well known for its tadpole trikes. The frames are developed in-house but come from Asia. The manufacturer has close ties with large suppliers including Bosch and others allowing them to provide a unique and complete trike experience. 

Resale values are kept high and HP offers to register trikes with them. HP is the clear market leader in Germany and sells thousands of trikes annually.

  1. ICE

ICE is a famous UK-based manufacturer with very reliable and fast trikes. ICE has also one of the most referred seat. The Ergo-Luxe and Ergo-Flow are among the most comfortable seats in the industry. 

  1. Hase

Hase is one of the ultimate pioneers in the area. This German manufacturer has focussed primarily on normal trikes with two wheels in the back – the Hase Kettwiesel being the most famous iteration thereof. Hase has brought together cycling enthusiasts with what started as their own little trade fair and grew into Europe’s leading trade fair for recumbent and specialty bikes. Now the trade fair and manufacturer are separated and the trade fair might also happen at different locations than the South Western German headoffice of Hase. 

  1. Sunseeker

Sunseeker might be the US version of Hase. In other words, Sunseeker is primarily building delta trikes that have the advantage of being very accessible. Everybody can sit easily. Sunseeker also creates tadpole bikes and in best US fashion a focus on fat tires and offroad capabilities. 

  1. Azub

Azub is a Czech manufacturer of tadpole trikes. Azub trikes are often less sophisticated than their ICE and HP brethren. Azub has made a name especially in the offroad category.

  1. KTX

Another UK trike manufacturer that excels in simplicity. No special seats or suspensions, but simple, low cost design. There are many old models and spare parts on the market, but it seems this manufacturer will not invest in new models and upgrades.

  1. Velomo

Velomo is another German manufacturer that has ventured into several business areas and currently mostly focussing on quads. An area that is just getting started when it comes to cycling. Unlike all the above mentioned manufacturers, Velomo is mostly a bespoke tailor for specialized cycles – which come at a certain cost but also provide a lot more space for adjustments. 

  1. Specbiketech

A small Latvian manufacturer that procures raw materials from Asia (like most of the other brands mentioned above). The trikes are positioned to be a bit simpler and cheaper compared to the HP trikes, but offer also good specs for offroad and road cruising abilities. 

  1. Bike Revolution

Austrian Bike Revolution created the famous Steintrikes. One specialty is the modularity. These bikes are some of the best to adjust and build upon yourself.