Triathlon in Dakhla

On December 10th 2022, the Africa Triathlon Cup took place in Dakhla. This article will provide some photos of the event and a discussion about the tour. Moreover, I will write about general road and weather conditions for cyclists in Dakhla.  The 2022 Africa Triathlon Cup route The triathlon followed international norms as an olympic … Read more

Tadpole vs. Delta Trike

Tadpole vs. Delta

Which type is better and for which group? In this article, I will quickly compare tadpole and delta trikes. Tadpole trikes Tadpole trikes have to wheels in front and one in the back. The wheels in front are often 20 inch wheels while the one in the back could be either a 20 inch or … Read more

Trip Report: Germany to Morocco


Paris Dakhla Tour – a failure!  Got an idea: To ride my new used trike all the way to Morocco.  Got prepared: Made 1 trial day trip of 90 km and packed a few things. And off I went…. It ended in failure.  This being said, I guess it is an interesting case study and … Read more

Dummy Post

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